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All of our products are developed from start-to-finish at our distillery in Toronto.

We do not buy “neutral” spirit and flavour it (as many distilleries do) – that’s just not what we believe in. By controlling the entire process through agricultural input, yeast, fermentation and distillation, we ensure all of our small batch products are worth taking home to share with friends and family. As a result of our limited fermentation capacity and dedication to the full life-cycle of our spirits, we will occasionally sell out of products or limit availability. We will do our best to update the status of our products below; Please feel free to drop us a line by email or social media for up-to-the-minute availability.


Ingredients for our vodka we grow on our own organic farm located in Innisfil, Ontario.


Vodka starts with water and we go extra mile to get purest possible water from Elmvale natural spring for our vodka.
Well known spring giving us cleanest water in the world according to expert research from university of Alberta.


For distillation process we use 24-plates copper column that gives our spirit the maximum possible purity without any compromise.

distilled Proudly

Toronto is a thriving metropolis with a lively, active rhythm of life, and a large, concentrated community of different cultures. This is where we produce our vodka. The city inspired us to create a unique line of alcoholic beverages, reflecting the diversity of people living in it. Some were Toronto-born, and some emigrated here. Previously, our home was small towns in central Russia; towns with their own traditions, including special recipes for making alcoholic drinks. It’s no secret that the history of vodka began in Russia, but not everyone knows that every region of this large country prepares vodka in its unique style. Not only do the methods of preparation differ, but also the base ingredients, so the taste is special and characteristic of the place where it is born. Despite the fact that Russia introduced vodka into regular use many centuries ago, the liquor continued its individual development in other countries. In each state, local, unique recipes are used in its manufacture. In our opinion, this drink has evolved to be more interesting than it was originally in some countries. Read here why we decide to produce vodka in Toronto

What our customers say about us:

Best Vodka I have ever tasted. I bought the premium delicious . 

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If you like craft beer you will like this place! Very nice hand-crafted vodka, very smooth. I like it straight but should be really good in cocktails too. Stop by and check for yourself .

Great product and service! The guys are doing a really good job making sure the customers are happy with their products and keeping top notch quality .

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