Vodka is the top of Canadian and USA preferred spirit, it’s time to examine what it’s made of. I mean not the fermented grains or cane sugar we use for our cane sugar vodka , but the liquid. A bottle of vodka is made of approximately 60 percent water and from start to finish—from the water used in production to the ice cubes it’s shaken in a glass.
Not many distillers talk enough about the importance of the water that goes into their vodka. Many producers use almost dead water, meaning distilled or treated in such a way that you remove all the impurities, and you lose a lot of character of the water itself, which is not a good way to produce vodka that taste perfectly smooth. Water has a great effect on the overall character of vodka and contributes to texture and taste
Finding the right balance between the water and the cocktail in question is key. “Is it sweet? Sour? Bitter? Soft ? Hard? ” . The balance between the spirit and the water can waver depending on the water source. We want to help our vodka to be the best that’s why we mix with purest possible vodka on earth according to University of Alberta research team.
Our vodka stand out among other vodkas of the same high class because we are go extra mile to bring fresh natural spring water from Elmvale spring. That’s what makes our vodka so soft and smooth.

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