What makes our vodka production so unique



It’s no secret that the history of vodka began in Russia, but not everyone knows that every region of this large country prepares vodka in its unique style. Not only do the methods of preparation differ, but also the base ingredients, so the taste is special and characteristic of the place where it is born.

What kind of water do we use?

We tried many springs until we stopped there. The water is recognized as one of the cleanest in the world, and our vodka has absorbed its unique taste.


We will continue to do everything possible to ensure that our line of vodka reflects the diversity of world cultures. Its name “After Six” refers to the vigorous existence that can start after 6 pm in Toronto, while for others, life becomes calm and measured

Made by hand

We manufacture all our products by hand, from fermentation to bottling. Therefore, it bears the proud words – “Made by hand.”
I want to stress that we are not just copying recipes but investigating the history of the creation of the method of making this drink in a particular country. We want to make vodka according to old recipes, adding water from Ontario springs to get a unique taste.

Nearly all of the ingredients used to create the foundation are sourced from Ontario. The only exceptions are those components that are needed for national vodka recipes. In this case, we try to get them from the country that the method belongs to. If it is not possible, we try to find a worthy alternative.

We make several varieties of vodka, but each of them includes a process aimed at making it crystal clear.
Our products are based only on wheat and sugar with the addition of pure spring water. However, we are also experimenting with the infusion of alcohol on ingredients that give vodka its special taste and reveal it from a completely different perspective. One of these ingredients is chili pepper, which gives it a spicy taste. We set ourselves the goal of collecting traditional recipes for making vodka from around the world in order to create the most diverse flavor lines of this strong drink.

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