It’s no secret that the history of vodka began in Russia, but not everyone knows that every region of this large country prepares vodka in its unique style. Not only do the methods of preparation differ, but also the base ingredients, so the taste is special and characteristic of the place where it is born.


You may not know it, but Toronto and Ontario have their own history of spirit production, which also has deep-rooted traditions. The largest center for the production of alcohol throughout the British Empire was located here.


We manufacture all our products by hand, from fermentation to bottling. Therefore, it bears the proud words – “Made by hand.”

We produce our vodka in accordance with the highest quality standards.

 To maintain the utmost cleanliness, we use water from an Ontario spring located in the town of Elmvale, 100 km from Toronto.
We tried many springs until we stopped there. The water is recognized as one of the cleanest in the world, and our vodka has absorbed its unique taste. Therefore, we are proud to declare that such vodka is truly unique because it can only be created from the water of the one-of-a-kind Ontario spring.
In provincial Russian cities, they say that a person is half water through which he absorbs his place of residence. We embody this idea exactly because vodka also consists of 60% water.

Each bottle, produced by us according to recipes collected from all over the world, has a piece of Ontario in it. Likewise, all people who come to this city from other countries are imbued with its spirit. This sense is the foundation of all our production.

The first bottle of vodka produced in our distillery in 2019 was made from grains grown in Ontario married with the purest spring water for which the city is so famous. Ontario contains more than a thousand springs of different sizes; the water is crystal clear and has a completely different taste depending on the spring.

Pepper vodka was our second production, a strong tradition in some regions of Russia. It is used for preventive, medicinal purposes during the cold virus season. The uniqueness of this drink lies in the red-hot pepper flavor. Sometimes it is spicy, and sometimes it is softer and with the addition of honey.

We also added a piece of Ontario to it, because, of course, we used spring water in the manufacture. This fact and the elements of the Portuguese recipe using sugar molasses give it a special taste. We are sure that pepper vodka will take its rightful place in your collection of spirits, so we recommend that you definitely try it. Read here what makes our vodka production so unique.

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