Why we decide to produce vodka in Toronto



It’s no secret that the history of vodka began in Russia, but not everyone knows that every region of this large country prepares vodka in its unique style. Not only do the methods of preparation differ, but also the base ingredients, so the taste is special and characteristic of the place where it is born.

What kind of water do we use?

We tried many springs until we stopped there. The water is recognized as one of the cleanest in the world, and our vodka has absorbed its unique taste.


We manufacture all our products by hand, from fermentation to bottling. Therefore, it bears the proud words – “Made by hand.”

Our Story

We wanted to display the unique varieties of vodka, so we collected many traditions and recipes for its preparation from different parts of our beautiful world, and selected Toronto for production as it is such a multicultural city.

You may not know it, but Toronto and Ontario have their own history of spirit production, which also has deep-rooted traditions. The largest center for the production of alcohol throughout the British Empire was located here. Ships with holds overflowing with crates of whisky and rum set sail from here to many countries in the world. Canadian whiskey is still considered one of the best on the planet.

We will continue to do everything possible to ensure that our line of vodka reflects the diversity of world cultures. Its name “After Six” refers to the vigorous existence that can start after 6 pm in Toronto, while for others, life becomes calm and measured. We want to satisfy the needs of all residents of this city, regardless of their rhythm of life and values. After Six vodka is made exclusively for Toronto; we can say that she is Toronto itself. After all, as you know, this city has a second, informal name – The Six. Read here what kind of water we use to produce our high quality vodka

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